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[2020]Spring Breathe Deep TOGETHER

Join us on May 30, 2020

Sorry, registrations are currently closed.
Saturday, May 30, 2020

Thank you to everyone who made Breathe Deep Together a HUGE success! Watch the video below.
We smashed our original goal of $125,000 and our new goal of $200,000 is in reach! TOGETHER we can get there!


10:00 am EDT: Program begins with inspiring speakers, awards, a yoga warmup, and more!
10:40 am EDT: Virtual Walk begins


Your choice! Your home or outdoors, anywhere you can social distance.
View the Breathe Deep Together program on Facebook live here.


Allison Thompson


Since we are not able to host our usual spring events because of COVID-19, our Breathe Deep Team has worked together to create Breathe Deep TOGETHER. Our virtual Walk/Run aims to bring the Breathe Deep community together for a morning of celebration, hope, and remembrance for all those affected by lung cancer. Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 30, and be sure to ask your friends, family, and colleagues - from across the country -  to join us free for our virtual event on Facebook LIVE.

Special Edition Breathe Deep TOGETHER T-Shirt    |    T-Shirt Design Contest    |    Tribute Wall    |    Win an iPad Mini



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Raise $125 to get your Special Edition T-Shirt! It's easy with our fundraising tips.

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Special Edition T-Shirt!

Raise $125 by one month after the event (June 30, 2020) to receive a Special Edition Breathe Deep TOGETHER T-Shirt. Shirts will be ordered and mailed post-event once our LUNGevity offices are up and running (pun intended!). (Only registered participants are eligible to receive a t-shirt.)

T-Shirt Design Contest!

Help us design our Special Edition Breathe Deep TOGETHER T-Shirt! Participants of all ages are invited to submit their designs. Drawings should include an overall theme of HOPE and encompass the Breathe Deep TOGETHER words of inspiration: hope, community, breathe, walk, together. Designs should be simple and large so they can be easily transferred to a T-shirt (designs may be adjusted slightly by our staff to facilitate printing). The winning design will be printed in white on a blue T-shirt.

Submissions are due by noon EDT on Monday, May 25, 2020, and will be posted on our Breathe Deep Events Facebook page starting Wednesday evening, where voting will take place to select the winner. Encourage your friends and family to vote!

To submit your design, email it to between now and noon EDT on May 25.

You Could Win an iPad Mini!

We also are going to have a drawing for an iPad Mini! For every $500 a participant raises by June 30, their name will be entered into the drawing. 

Tribute Wall

Please send the name of your loved one (note if it is in honor or in memory), a photo, and a brief paragraph to so we can include their names on our Tribute Wall on social media.

In Honor and With Hope

Jackie Archer, Steve Arnstrong, Pamela Barber, Pam Bergeson, Marion Berzins, Alisa Kaye Brenes, Carla Britanico, Mary Brown, Shirley Caldwell, Rebecca Caruso, Brooke Chite, Bobbi Cohen, Roberta Cohen, Rolando Comendador, Rachel Compagna, Susan Cornett, Lauren Marsillio-Craney, Denise Cutlip, Candice Davis, Diana Deatherage, Julie Derr, Jill Drury, Harold Dunham, David Elkins, Ivy Elkins, Kathy Emmons, Amelia Escobedo, Tiffany Fagnani, Jill Feldman, Cheryl Fierk, Lynda Fisher, Don Fredal, Deborah Friedman, Janet Friske, Jenna Gibson, Anne Gilna, Margaret Godfrey, Lynn Goodman, Wendy Gosney, Joan Grossman, Susan Guenzel, Polly Hagedorn, Phyllis Harman, Kim Heinrich, Patti Helfand, Carl Henderson, Erika Hlavacek, Amy Hollifield, Gregory Jones, Kelly Kakuk, Dan Kella, Nancy Kursman, Bob Lehrman, Susie Leiter, Kathleen McGrath, Maura Molloy, Lisa Moran, Tracy Murphy, Heidi Nafman-Onda, Lynda Novak, Terri O’Neil, John Pender, Jr., Nancee Pronsati, Judy Pryor, Matthew Riga, Michael Rizzo, Cheri Robinson, Enid Roth, Michele Running, Kelly Sack, Léa Scopelleti, Juanita Segura, Hazel Senz, Fred Shapiro, Lyn Smith, Sandy Spears, Diane Spry, Nichelle Stigger, Lauren Thal, Heather Thresher, Kathy Walter, Frank Washelesky, Patty Watkins, Sally Weiss, Bill Westlake, Susan Wilson, Lisa Zarov

In Loving Memory

Ellen Adler, Elizabeth Coifman Ascher, Penelope Avesian, Charles Balher, Kay Barmore, Holly Barnett, Joseph Baronholtz, John Beauchamp, Mark Beban, Mary Bergey, Anne Bitter, Joseph Bitter, Shirley Blatt, Eva Borsi, David Botelho, Marge Breit, Carla Britanico, Michael A. Cathey, Martin Corrigan, Jennifer Cronin, Gordon Deneau, Patti DeSantis, Joseph DiPasquale, Ronald DiPasquale, Eileen Dorfman, Bill Drourr, Jack Fallis, Martha Ferguson, Gail Freed, Robert K. Freed, Bill Fuchs, Irving Gelman, Mary Germano, Robert Gilman, Joye Ginsberg, Molly Golbon, Howard Goldberg, Fred Gontarek, Connie Gonzalez, Caryn Goode, Nancy Gormley, Karen Gruen, Burt Hammer, Kathy Hein, Lynn Henderson, Carol Jackson, Debbie Jaffe, Len Jagoda, Sallie Partlan Kalota, Philip Karmin, Marvin Katz, Joan Maurer Kaye, Elyse Bernstein Keefe, Ann Keogh, Diane Klocek, Raquel Kogan, Alice Korach, Tracy Kuisti, Risa Lambert, Richard LaRue, Frank Lerner, Irene Lerner, Joey Lerner, Gayle Levy, Joby Lewis, Sr., Jackie Libett, Larry Libles, George Libles, Sheila Logan, Beth Longwell, Helen Macklin-Hocker, Tim Marks, Gail Marquis, Sol Maurer, Jean Mellars, Mimi Meltzer, Bonnie Michelson, Barb Miller, Betsy Miller, Susan Lynn Miller, Charlene Mills, Gary Modes, Stacey Morales, Marilyn Morris, Morry Myer, Charlotte Nallen, Joe O'Connor, Bill Vaden Ownby, Ellen Parmacek, John Paseka, Rashmibala Patel, Marjorie Pedigo, Dick Pemble, Michele Perlman, David Plotkin, Peter Postelnek, Gloria Price, Sara Ratzenberger, Ricki Reznick, Billy Ray Rich, John Rodgers, Seni Rudolph, Marge Ryan, Joan Schmetterer, Sharon Schwartz, Lynn Beck Schweiss, Vivian Seiferheld, Bobbie Seldin, Harriet Serck, Elaine Shepp, Leslie Silverwood, Jerry Sorkin, Lisa Strada, Laura Nesti Sulzer, Jerome Swerdlow, Roberta Swerdlow, Judi Tecktiel, Tommie Tenner, Cary Thorpe, Sophie Tokarz, Joana Vaiciulaitis, Juan R. Velez, Tom Waller, Sharon Kay Walters, Susan Weiss, Barbara Williamson, T.Y. Wilson, Melissa Zagon, Gary Zukoff


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